Adding a Fabric Panel to a Denim Vest, All With Out Sewing!




Introduction: Adding a Fabric Panel to a Denim Vest, All With Out Sewing!

Things you will need:
-Vest, or Jacket, even a shirt.
-Some sort of fabric. In this case a leopard bandanna. 
-Hemming tape.
- Paper. I used newspaper.
-Writing utensil. 

I chose the back  top panel, because I though it would look best, you could add fabric anywhere really, so be creative!

Step one.
  To start off, lay your vest  right side up on some paper and trace around it. (I only traced around the top half of the vest.)

Step two.
 Cut it out, and lay it on the part where you want to cover. It's a little difficult to get it just right, but it helps if you hold a part down with      your finger, lift up the vest, and place a dot, doing the same for the entire area you're going to be covering, then connect all the dots for your pattern. Kind of hard to explain. It doesn't have to be a perfect pattern, just do your  best. 

Step three.
  Trace the pattern onto your fabric, and cut it out. *be sure to leave about half a inch for seam allowance.*

Step four.
  Lay the fabric piece onto the vest, to make sure it fits. It's it's way too big, trim it up a bit.

Step five.
  Cut the hemming tape into tiny strips, plug up the iron.

Step six.
 Basically just hem the fabric. fold the perimeter half an inch, place a hemming tape piece, and press for 5 seconds. *Make sure  you're working on an ironing board, or some sort of heat friendly surface. I made the mistake of working on my floor, and my carpet      melted,  smelled awful, and make my fabric hard, and weird*

Step seven.
  Iron the fabric piece. 

Step eight.
 Using a larger piece of hemming tape in the corner of where ever you choose, place it down and press for 5-10   seconds. do this for  the entire perimeter. Work clockwise, saving the top for last. Don't rush, this part is very tedious, but it creates  the sharpness and  look of the finish product. follow an existing hem on the jacket. once you get to the top you might have extra fabric   just snip, fold and   use hemming tape pieces to bond them. the collar will help cover any imperfections.

And you're done, all with out threading a single needle!  just iron the entire piece, and add studs, buttons, patches, whatever! 

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