Introduction: Adjust Brake Strength

Doing a lot of biking lately? If not too bad! Hahaha just kidding. Ok so. If you are afraid your brakes are wearing down, and feel unsafe braking, I have posted (NOT my technique, haters. I do not claim to have invented this, I was taught this.) a way to adjust your break strength (the carbine) FAST!

Step 1: Da Stuff Needed


-CR-V 5mm Allen wrench.
-Like, 5-10 minutes.

Step 2: Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

Take your 5mm (it's what I used for mine, you may need a different one) and turn left on the top screw on the back tire (picture). Once done, your wire (on top of the wheel) will come loose from the bolt.

Step 3: Tight, Tight, and Tighter!

Now it's time to tighten things up!!! First you need to slip the wire back in the bolt and pull it through. Hold this position until the next step.

Step 4: 3 Cont'd

Now it's time to righty tighty it up! Tighten the bolt, and take a spin with your newly improved brakes!

Step 5: Ya Done!!!!

Take a ride, or take a nap, it's your day to spend, however you choose!

I'm pretty sure that is how that Doctor Seuss poem went. Whatever. Well, sayonara!
Dogbuilder, signing out.