Introduction: Adjustable Clip on Desktop Cellphone Holder

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My wife wanted a cell phone holder for her desk , so after looking around she didnt find one that she liked .
so i decided to make her one that could be up off of the desk but still reachable

It is adjustable for clamping onto the shelves ( multi positional you could say)


Materials need for this project :                                         cost

1  sheet of lexan 8"x 10"                                               $ 4.79
8  1/4 x1/2  bolts with nuts                                            $ 2.50
1  #6  x 3/4  bolt w/ wingnut & lock washer                  $ 1.49
2  small squeeze  clamps                                             $ 1.50
1/2 sheet of peel and stick foam                                   $ 0.50
2  thin flat washers                                                        $ 0.30
                                                             TOTAL              $ 11.08

Tools used
safety googles
measureing tape
bandsaw w/ metal blade
heat gun
benchtop metal break
drill bits    3/16    9/64   1/2
hobby knife
cordless drill
dremel with a cutoff wheel for metal

everything can be bought at your local hardware a.k.a  lowes , home depot  except for the foam
the foam was bought at walmart for $4.99  you get 6 peices in the package and in differnet colors so the cost was cut down to a half of a sheet

Step 1: STEP 1

The first thig was to determine the size i wanted .the size i wanted to end up with was 6 3/4 in  wide and  3 1/4 in tall .  so i cut my pieces at 4  1/2 in   by 6  3/4 in for the main part and  4 3/4 in  by 3 in for the base
i rounded all corners off just for safety reasons

On the main part i measured 1 1/2 in up and made a bend slightly more than a 45 deg angle.  you end up with the 3 1/4 tall and 6 3/4 wide

on the base i measured up 1 1/2 in up (the 3 in side ) and made a 45 deg bend .   you end up with the 4 3/4 wide and 1 1/3 tall 

Step 2: STEP 2

on the base i marked the centers and then took a protractor and made a half inch circle around the center
i then marked both sides and also up and down

i then drilled the center with a 9/64 drill bit

i drilled the other 4 holes with a 3/16 drill bit 

Step 3: STEP 3

I inserted 4 of the 1/4 x 1/2 blots and tightened them down with the nuts  (The bolt heads go away from the bend

i then took my dremel and cut off the excess bolt (makeing the bolt flush with the nut )

Step 4:

on the main part ( the actual holder ) i marked the center from left to right and the made a mark 11/2 inches up from the bend
(the bend will be faceing away from you while laying on the bench )
i took my protractor and markd a half inch circle around the center mark
i marked all four sides and then marked inbetween thoose marks on the circle

i drilled a 9 /64 hole on my center mark
i took a 1/2 inch drill bit and drilled around the circle on the marks but only going half way thru (just enough so the bolt heads would catch

i then put the two

Step 5: STEP 5

i took my two clamps and drilled them with two holes on one of the handles with a 3/16 drill bit
it can be difficult to drill in the center the closer you get to the clamp due to the wire inside

i then drilled four holes in the base
the two bottom holes are one inch from the sides and 3/8 from the bottom

i installed the clamps to the base then ( i cheated )  i drilled thru the clamps and the base to get a good fit
i then installed the bolts and tighted everything down
( Makeing sure not to tighten too tight as it will break the lexan . just dont ask me how i know this )

Step 6: STEP 6

i then put both peices together with the bends facing opposite  directions i put the # 10 bolt in from the front of the holder and placed 2 very thin washers inbetween the peices and put the base on then a lock washer
then i installed the wing nu and tighened everything down just snug enough to let it be adjusted and still stay into place

Step 7: STEP 7

I cut a peice of self adhesive foam slightly larger than i needed (wife,s choice of color)
i peeled back the paper backing about an inch and started from the top of the holder
i placed the edge of the foam at the top and moving from side to side i worked the foam into place while remoing the paper backing at the same time

i then took a hobby knife and carfully remoed the excess foam from the holder

i cut out the center for the bolt head because it made to foam stick out to far


The holder can be adjusted for either horizontal or vertical position

the only bad part is you will have to remove the screws from one of  clamps to go from horizontal to vertical postion

hope this can help someone else . it keeps the cell phone up off the desk just incase of any accidental spills and such

i think it took me longer to write this instructable than it did to do the project itself lol

***It also will hold a 10 inch tablet in the horizontal postion***

if you have any questions ill gladly respond as soon as i can
thanks for looking