Introduction: Adjustable Iphone Stand Remix

In this instructable i will show you how i made my Iphone stand based on the Adjustable Iphone Stand by Bobamason.

Let's get started!

Step 1: 3D Printing the Adjustable IPhone Stand by Bobamason

Search for the Adjustable Iphone Stand by Bobamason on the thingiverse website.
3D print both the STL files.

Put the stand together by connecting the seperate printed pieces with screws.
The screws i used are 5 mm Phillips screws. I also used small rings to secure the screws.

This is just the basic stand created by Bobamason.
Now we're gonna start remixing it.

Step 2: Creating the Base

You can make the base of any kind of wood you like, as long as it's thick enough to fit the light in it which is about 4 cm. I cut the base with the Speedy 300 lasercutter. The size of the base i cut is 15 by 10 cm. I made the lasercutter cut the edges round because i like the way it looks. When i had the base done i spray painted the stand and the base black to make it seem like a whole.

Step 3: Adding the Light

The last step is adding the light on the front of the base. I wanted a lamp that was as small a possible but still looked nice. Then i came up with the idea to edit a basic portable bike light. The one i used is called "Liggi".

I cut of the parts i didn't need. See the images for the result.

When i knew what the size of the light was i made the hole in the base where the light could fit in. When the hole is the right size the light will stay perfectly in place.

Step 4: Final Product

This is what the stand looks like after following the previous steps.