Introduction: Adjustable Lamp

I had to make a product for a project on the University of Applied Science in Rotterdam.

I wanted to make a lamp which is able to change all the time, so I started with a MoSCoW prioritization.
For those who don't know what MoSCoW stands for:
M = Must have
S = Should have
C = Could have
W = Would like to have

So for my lamp it would be:

A must be working lamp M
It must be able to be changed all the time M
Everyone must be able to make it with the right equipment M
Must have different Plates M
Should have a top plate S

After the project I successfully finished all the Must haves.

Step 1: The Equipment

So my equipment:

- 3D printer
- Laser cutter
- Hand-drill
- (Strong) Glue

My materials:

- PLA/ABS for the 3D printer(I used PLA)
- Acryl for colorful plates
- Plywood plates
- A light socket and adapter
- and of course a lamp

Step 2: Making the Lamp

So I started to print out the cube for the lamp on the 3D printer
be careful to use a preheated underground if you use ABS or else you should use PLA otherwise it will bend.

I used this design from Thingiverse and scaled it by 18.5 which creates us a 12x12x11.5cm cube for the lamp: Direct link

I used Makercase to create the bottom box for the cable and made it 12x12x5cm.

for the Plates I will upload my Adobe Illustrator files.

After that I glued the Cube on to the top of the cable box so those we merged to one object. drilled holles into it so the cable could go through.I glued the lamp into the 3D object and you're finished. You can scale everything to your own 3D printer or design.

Step 3: Reflection

Thing I would have done different if I would make this lamp again.

- I tried to 3D print the lamp 4 times. 3 out of 4 times it failed, because I used ABS and the object would bend cause of the temperature.

- The box design I would have put a large margin between the plates so they wouldn't have alot of those burned marks.

- I would have used more different plates but those can be made at all time which is the main reason of this lamp.

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