Adjustable Lego Style Money Clip




Introduction: Adjustable Lego Style Money Clip

This is an adjustable money clip inspired by legos.  With these pieces that I have CADed, it is possible to put different size stacks of cash in this money clip by removing the blue piece and placing it in another position.  This was CADed in SolidWorks and the tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of the program.

Step 1: Finding Dimensions

First, I found the dimensions of legos to make sure that the pieces would fit together properly.  (Note, I adjusted the height so the clip would not be too bulky).  The website I used was

Step 2: Linear Patterning

After this I began CADing.  (Note: You should never go directly to CAD.  Always make design sketches first.  I made a couple models and wasted a ton of time since none of them made any sense when I actually put them in SolidWorks).

After extruding a piece of the right size, I dimensioned a single circle, and then linear patterned it.

Step 3: Adjustablity

After extruding these circles, I then created several extrusions on the part so that it would be adjustable.

Step 4: Extrusions for Intersection

Afterwards, I created the bottom pattern by offsetting rectangles then extrude-cutting them.  Then I extruded the middle circles.  (Again, this is based on the website that had the lego dimensions)

Step 5: Bottom Extrusion

Lastly, I extruded the bottom piece.  Pretty simple.

Step 6: Final Rendering!

I created the blue piece pretty much the same way that I did the top part of the red piece.  Then I created an assembly and made some beautiful renders.  And done!

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    Adrian Hardy
    Adrian Hardy

    8 years ago

    I think that for adjusting you use a spring or something like that. Other then the adjusting I love it!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Mine would also have to be on the low setting, lol. I love anything lego! Well done.

    I really don't think it would be strong enough to be usable if just plastic. Not to mention sharp corners in your pocket.