Introduction: Adjustable Paracord Dog Collar

This is to show you how to make an adjustable collar for your dog out of paracord. One day I was thinking how to make a collar that could be adjusted as your dog grew or got a little heavier without having to make a new collar. This is what I came up with!

Step 1: Starting

Take your snap and paracord, measure your dog's neck to get an idea of the size you need to make your collar and mark that spot. Now add about 5-6 inches beyond that point, this is where you'll start. So mark it as well. Then double back that length so you have two strands the same length, do not cut the two strands leave them connected. Make sure they are even and leave them that way.
Take your snap and paracord, where the pieces are folded loop that through the snap. Where it loops through take the other end and go through the eye of the loop with both pieces of paracord and pull it tight.
I used a cobra weave on this collar.
Take a new piece of paracord about 6 1/2-7 ft for a med/small dog less for little dogs and more for larger. Start the weave on the first piece. Because we are using two pieces of cord you can adjust the weave if needed. I left it a little looser towards the end so I could slide the shackle in and so it can be adjusted easier.
These pics are from a previous ible, but same proses. It's just easier to see what's going on with two colors.
Start by making a simple knot,making sure both side are even lengths, then take the left side behind the cord that is going through the snap. Now take the right side going under or behind the left piece, then go over the (in this case) green piece and through the loop on the other side. Now pull both sides till they are tight at the top. So now your are going to repeat it going from the opposite direction. Taking the right side and go behind the green making a loop, and then take the left side go behind the piece coming from the right, then go over the green and through the loop. Bringing it tight against the previous weave. Keep doing this till you get about 5-6" from the bottom.

Step 2: Adding the Snap End and Shackle

Go ahead and measure the collar to your dog's neck again for fit. Mark this spot because it is where you are going to put the other end of the snap at.
Now go about 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the end of your cobra weave and loosen the two side of the weave just enough so the shackle can slip through, like in the picture. This is how you are going to adjust the collar. By moving the shackle up or down along the weave, by loosening the loops right above or below this original spot.
Take the two loose ends of the longer cord and bring them on the underside of the collar and through the shackle. Mark where they loop around and make sure they are even. Burn the ends first so they don't fray.
Now this is where the needle and thread come in. Fold the two end piece where you marked them. Stick your needle through both sides and sow the two together, like in the picture. I went through a couple of times then wrapped the thread around several times, before going between the thread and paracord to keep the tread from slipping,then tied it off. Do the same to the second piece.

Step 3: Finishing Things Up

Now that you have everything connected you can put the shackle and sewn end together going through the eye and securing the screw back.
Also you can cut off any ends of the paracord you didn't use on the weave and glue and/or burn the ends to secure them.
Now you have a finished adjustable collar.
I made a leash and a bracelet to match for my neice.

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