Introduction: Adjustable Skate Sling

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It's summer in London (finally!) and that means... Outdoor roller skating!

And what better way to transport your skates than with a custom made, adjustable sling?

Almost all of the elements I used to complete this project were found around my home (the one exception will be revealed at the end of this Instructable) some of them were very, very lucky finds, but even if you have to purchase the separate items it should still come in at quite a reasonable price.

Step 1: Just Lying Around the House...

This is what I used:

45mm nylon webbing: I purchased this some time ago with the intent of doing a trial run for a rucksack I was planning to make which never got beyond the design stage. 45mm is quite thick and it's totally fine to go for something thinner, but remember it will be sitting over your shoulder, so anything too narrow could be uncomfortable to carry.

Two D-rings: where these came from is a mystery - I stumbled upon them while looking for a bracelet in a trinket box and they turned out to be a perfect size. I can only hope that they don't belong to someone else in the house...

One large curtain ring: these things seem to be a standard junk box staple.

Plus a sewing machine and thread - because glue just ain't gonna cut it....

Step 2: Measure Up...

You will need two uneven lengths of nylon in order to make the strap adjustable.

I did originally make a note of the measurements I used but the paper got filed/chucked/eaten, or something. But what I basically did was measure from my shoulder to about my hip then added around 5 inches to accommodate what would be lost after sewing and the amount that would be taken up when wrapped around the wheels.

I then took half of that length and added it to the original number for the longer piece.

Once the pieces have been cut you will need to prevent any fraying. To do this, run a flame along the cut edge - that will melt it enough to create a permanent seal. If the nylon itself produces a little flame, don’t panic - just blow it out…

Step 3: Loopy...

Take the shorter piece of nylon and fold one end up so that it will comfortably accommodate the width of the webbing, plus seam allowance. I used two rows of stitching for strength simply because I don’t really know how to do the X in a box thingy…

Step 4: Curtains...

Fold the other end up, only this time ensure that the curtain ring is trapped inside the fold.
That is the first piece completed!

Step 5: In D-ring

Now take the longer piece and, almost like the previous step, fold over one of the ends trapping the two D-rings inside the fold.

Leave the other end unfinished, for now.

Step 6: Come Together

This is almost the final step, but it’s also the one likely to cause the most confusion: I really hope I get the explanation correct.

Hook the longer piece of webbing over the curtain ring, then pass the end underneath the bottom D-ring and over the top D-ring.

Step 7: In the Loop

Now take the longer piece and, almost like the previous step, fold over one of the ends trapping the two D-rings are inside the fold.

Leave the other end unfinished, for now.

Create another loop, exactly like the one from step three.

This one will be slightly more awkward to sew as the entire loop has to be passed under the presser foot in order for it to be stitched closed.

As before, make sure that there is enough room to allow for free movement of the width, as well as seam allowance.

Once sewn, that is pretty much it! Pick up your skates and head to the park!

Step 8: Just One Last Thing

Because I used a curtain ring to hold the two lengths of webbing together, I was left with that little 'blip' where the curtain would hang from, which was ruining the line. The easiest thing to do would be to roll it inside the nylon chamber and hope it stayed put. However, knowing that it would eventually work its way back out again, I decided to hang a charm from it - to give the impression that I had always planned to use a curtain ring.

Low and behold, in our house of 'if it exists, it'll be here' I could not find one single charm, drop earring or spare (decent looking) keyring to use. Luckily for me, there is a 'Dust-Gathering Emporium of Celebratory Delights' (or something similar to that) on the high street - surely I could find something decorative enough for my tastes there?

And, bingo! Just as I was losing hope of ever finding something other than twee 'gifts' with my name misspelled on them, I ran across this fellow and his buddies. A perfect end to the project, no?

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