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I have recently bought an Asus Memo Pad, a 7-inch tablet which i use mainly to read documents and e-books. Not too long after, I find that I need a stand for it to enhance my comfort. Since I did not want to buy an overpriced commercial one and i have heaps of Lego at how..... *Ting* (light bulb above my head lights up) So you know where this is heading eh.

So I set out to build the most adjustable and compact 7-inch stand i can make

And since my mother liked it I made one for her too! but since hers is a 10-inch Galaxy Tab, I needed to build a bigger stand and it turned out better than mine =p.
You can find the instructions for that here -->(l

Feel free to drop me a comment if you need help or want to suggest an improvement i can make, or point out any mistakes you notice
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Step 1: Its Simple! Just Look and Assemble

Firstly the dimensions are LxWxH = (13.5x12x1.5)cm
or in Lego terms LxWxH = (17x15x2)studs

The main hinge connects the backrest to the stand

you can customize these dimensions to your liking and use different parts that are available to you, but here are the important measurements that i find give the best range of motion without compromising stability.
-The distance from the main hinge to the support strut's hinge is 3 studs between them or 3cm from the pivot to pivot (if you find this confusing just mouse over the area between the hinges in the last picture and see how I counted it)
-The support strut is 7 studs long or 5cm long.
And note that the hinge is raised above the main frame

Step 2: TADA!! You Are Done

here is a series of pictures to show the range of motion available, unfortunately I lost my protractor so i can measure the angle.

You can also look to 3D-print this using the dimensions I provided
and this thing will not break even if you drop it, but if it does you just need to reassemble it and you are good to go
Thanks for having a look

check out my 10-inch version too! (
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