Introduction: Adjustable Time HourGlass

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Making your own hourglass gives you the option of customizing the hourglass. This can be done by adding or subtracting the amount of sand in the hourglass. More time more sand. Less time less sand. Simply time the sand that you put in the glass, if you what more time, more sand. One has to time the process at first to get a correct amount of sand for the customized time desired. One can do this by using a stop Watch or timer.

Step 1: Parts of a Handmade Hourglass.

1. A glass jar with a narrow center.

2. The center plug with a hole drilled in the center will be glued to the center of the jar..

3. A top that is beveled on one side to fit on the opening of the jar.

4. Fine Sand

5. Clear adhesive/ hot glue

Step 2:

1. Install the center plug with the hole drilled in the center by gluing the outer edge centered in the narrow part of the jar and let dry.

2. Add the sand and time how long is takes to drain to the bottom adding more sand if more time is needed.

3. Turn over the hourglass and note the amount of time it takes for the sand to drain to the bottom. Note do not glue the top until the right amount of sand is in the hourglass.

Step 3: Install the Top

1. Once the correct amount of sand is in the hourglass, glue the beveled side of the top and install to the opening of the glass.

2. Now you have your own customized hourglass to your set time.

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