Introduction: Adjustable Workdesk Lamp

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Hi Geeks, today I am here with my Adjustable Workdesk Lamp build log. I build this lamp to solve my real time problems during minute tasks like soldering, wiring etc. I always feel low light during these tasks. Conventional lamp do solve my light problem but I wanted something that can be adjusted as per my head position. So I can with an idea of making adjustable armed lamp. Let's see how you can build same or even better lamp at home.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • 2.5ft 6mm Aluminium Pipe
  • Wood blocks of small size
  • Wood block for base (You can use any heavy material)
  • 4 wing screws

  • 5mm wood plate

  • LED Strip (white)

  • 12v Power supply

  • Glue Gun

Step 2: LED Panel

Led panel can be built of any size dependent on intensity required. First mark and drill a hole in exact centre for holder screw. Now cut same size of LED strip. Place LED strips on the panel using built in adhesive back parallel to each other without any space between. So that higher intensity can be achieved. Now you can start with soldering process. I have attached images of soldering steps. Let's create the arms.

Step 3: Arm Joints

To create joints I took 10 blocks of wood. Then shaped into "T" shape shown in the image. The blocks are divided into 2 parts Head and Leg. Legs are grinned into circle pipe so that it can be fitted into the aluminium pipe. Making this type of shape is very hard in absence of proper tools. I recommend if you have access of 3D Printer, you can print these joints easily.

Step 4: Final Prepration

Now I make pairs of two joints and created holes. In these pairs I used Bolts and wing nuts. Took a heavy base and created a hole for first base arm as shown in image. Base should be heavy enough to hold counter wait of the full length.

Step 5: Electronics and Assembly

In the last step I fixed all the wood joints to the aluminium pipes using hot glue. Added 12 volt DC power supply and connected it with the LED panel. Wire between power supply and LED was secured by zip tie.

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