Introduction: Adjustable Buckle Strap

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Ever need to use a strap to secure camping gear or bed rolls? I made this adjustable strap, and many like it, to use to keep hammock poles together (future instructable coming!), but they can be used for just about anything that needs holding together. I do not recommend these be used to secure cargo loads or anything bulky or heavy due to the fact they are hand sewn.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

I have a bunch or nylon straps (the kind found on backpacks and bike helmets for example) and plastic buckles (the kind found on backpacks and bike helmets for example) in my craft box. I save them whenever I find them. If I find an old backpack or bike helmet in the dumpster I cut off all usable straps and buckles. You can also buy these materials at craft stores but they are pricey!

Step 2: Assemble Material by Sewing on Fixed End

decide on the length you need and cut strap ... remember to burn the ends to keep from fraying. In this example I'm using 1/2'' wide strap with a 1/2'' buckle. Your buckle should be the correct size for the strap to ensure that it adjusts properly and locks in place. On the female side of the buckle you will sew the strap together forming one end of the buckle strap. I used a basic over/under seam sewing style, but you can beef up the seam by cross hatching your sew pattern.

Step 3: Secure the Other Side of the Buckle

Run the strap through the male side of the buckle in the fashion it is designed so when pulled tight it will not slip back. Then on the end of the strap roll it back twice and sew to form a seam that will not pass through the slide buckle so it won't come off.

Step 4: Done!

now you have an adjustable strap for keeping gear together. Total cost in this was zero dollars as i had all the stuff at home or found in dumpster.