Introduction: Adjustable Pipe Roller and Transfer Wrench

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If you have a problem to rolling and transfer the circular

sections(round pipe and shafts) without varying the centre with less friction these will find an suitable replacement for it.

I too have the same problem so I have made it. In 3rd Image you can see your conventional method used for these purpose. It can roll the section well but it can’t transfer and height adjustment also tough.

By using these wrench we can roll or transfer pipe of outer/shaft diameter 50mm to 300mm.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Bill Of Materials


Standard available materials

2002 Ball Transfer---------------- 2 pieces

Button head M6 x 25 bolt------ 6 pieces

(High Tension)

M6 Nut------------------------------ 6 pieces

25mm square clamp------------- 8 set

M10 x 35 M.S hex bolts--------- 16 pieces

(In some cases available with clamp)

M24 x 240 M.S hex bolts-------- 2 pieces

M24 M.S Nuts---------------------- 4 pieces(6 if lock nut is needed)

25 MM x 182 forged rod--------- 1 piece

Fabrication raw material

M.S hot rolled steel plates

10 x 100 x 252---------------------- 2 pieces

16 x 100 x 300---------------------- 2 pieces

16 x 100 x 300------------------------ 1 piece

10 x 300 x 450----------------------- 1 piece

10 x 300 x 350----------------------- 1 piece

Round section

Ø 50 length 48 M.S shaft--------- 2 pieces

Ø 24 length 40 M.S shaft--------- 4 pieces

Inner Ø 27 outer Ø 32 M.S Pipe-2 pieces

Square section

25 x 25 length 100 cold rolled M.S shaft------2 pieces


Step 2: Part 1 Fabrication

Bend and drill the plates of dimension 10 x 100 x 252 as per


Bore 26mm in 50 mm shaft.

Now Place the plate and shaft in the plate of dimension 16 x 100 x 300 and weld it.

2---- sets ( have to be prepared)

Step 3: Part 2 Fabrication

Take the plate 16 x 100 x 300 make the drill and bend.

After make the rivet at the holes with inner diameter of 26.

1----set ( have to be prepared)

Step 4: Part 3 Fabrication

An 25mm x 200 rod forged at an end and makes length of 182.

1---set ( have to be prepared)

Step 5: Part 4 Fabrication

An M24 nut has been taken both ends are welded with Ø24 x 40 rod.

2---- sets ( have to be prepared)

Step 6: Part 5 Fabrication

Both ends of 25 x 25 shaft have machined to diameter of 24mm

length 30mm on each end.

And the pipe inner Ø 27 x outer Ø32 has to be welded at centre of the shaft.

2---- sets ( have to be prepared)

Step 7: Part 6 Fabrication

The plate 10 x 300 x 450 slotted at both side of dimension

45 x 40 with fillet 10 and bended as per diagram.

1---set ( have to be prepared)

Step 8: Part 7 Fabrication

Plate 10 x 300 x 350 has been chamfered at four corners.

1---set. ( have to be prepared)

Step 9: Assembly

1) & 2.)Ball transfer has been mounted on part 1 and fastened.

3 )Part 1 get mate with hole provision of part 2 and pivoted using part 3.

4.)Part 5 get assembled with 25mm square clamp as dimension shown in diagram. square clamp welded with part

5.)At both ends of part 6 square clamp welded as per dimensions shown in diagram and part 4 assemble with the square clamp.

6.)Part 6 and part 7 are welded as mate in the diagram.

Step 10: Finished

Now it ready you load pipe of outer diameter from 50mm to 300mm.

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