Adjustable Strap Swing

Introduction: Adjustable Strap Swing

Learn how to make a fancy looking swing!

Step 1: Materials

2X Rope 2,5M

Skai 1Mx1M



2X Carabiners

Shutter ribbon

2X Ratchet lashing

Step 2: Prepping the Rope

Used 2 non-stretch climbing ropes of 2M and used simple knots to attach them to the carabiners.

Step 3: Creating the Seat

I used a fabric called skai. (Artificial leather)

I filled it up with Fiberfill then sewed it leaving space for the rope to go trough.

Step 4: Making a Rope Spreader

Sewed the pieces of shutter ribbon into a loop for the rachet-ribbon to go trough.

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