Introduction: Adjustable Thin 10-inch Tablet Stand

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So I made a 7-inch tablet stand for myself which you can check it out here 
and my mum liked it so much I made another one for her, but since she uses a 10-inch tablet  I made this bigger, stronger and a little cooler. This one is not quite as compact but it is however very flat, so look at my 7-inch version for a more compact one
i carry that around but this is usually sitting beside my mum's laptop

By the way it is 100% Lego
but i am providing the dimensions in cm so you can make your own out of any materials, the important dimensions are mainly those that tell where to put the hinge

Step 1: Its Quite Simply, You Can Assemble It Just From the Pictures

First up, some dimensions
 (L x W x H) = (26.2cm x 13.4cm x 1.4cm) or in Lego its (30studs x 17studs x 2studs) *notice the height... its sooo flat

Step 2: Hinge Time

There are 2  hinges which i will call the "main hinge" and the "strut's hinge"

Basically, in this design the main hinge determines the highest point of the whole stand when collapsed/folded. So you want to put it just above your base.

For the strut's hinge, I placed mine such that there are 7 studs between the 2 hinges or the distance between center of axis to center of axis is 6.3cm

The strut is 11.8cm long (15 studs)

Step 3: Locking/adjusting Mechanism

The slider/pin used is 4cm (5studs) long
Basically its like a door sliding bolt lock

Step 4: TAAADAAA You Are Done.... I Hope

Anyway here is a series of photos that show the possible angles

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