Adjustable Thin 10-inch Tablet Stand

Introduction: Adjustable Thin 10-inch Tablet Stand

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So I made a 7-inch tablet stand for myself which you can check it out here 
and my mum liked it so much I made another one for her, but since she uses a 10-inch tablet  I made this bigger, stronger and a little cooler. This one is not quite as compact but it is however very flat, so look at my 7-inch version for a more compact one
i carry that around but this is usually sitting beside my mum's laptop

By the way it is 100% Lego
but i am providing the dimensions in cm so you can make your own out of any materials, the important dimensions are mainly those that tell where to put the hinge

Step 1: Its Quite Simply, You Can Assemble It Just From the Pictures

First up, some dimensions
 (L x W x H) = (26.2cm x 13.4cm x 1.4cm) or in Lego its (30studs x 17studs x 2studs) *notice the height... its sooo flat

Step 2: Hinge Time

There are 2  hinges which i will call the "main hinge" and the "strut's hinge"

Basically, in this design the main hinge determines the highest point of the whole stand when collapsed/folded. So you want to put it just above your base.

For the strut's hinge, I placed mine such that there are 7 studs between the 2 hinges or the distance between center of axis to center of axis is 6.3cm

The strut is 11.8cm long (15 studs)

Step 3: Locking/adjusting Mechanism

The slider/pin used is 4cm (5studs) long
Basically its like a door sliding bolt lock

Step 4: TAAADAAA You Are Done.... I Hope

Anyway here is a series of photos that show the possible angles

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    Can you give the assembly sequence of this item? I would like to build it but am unable to tell which LEGO parts you used. Can you post a list of the LEGO part numbers and where they go? I have a 10.1" ASUS MEMO so this plan would be excellent for me.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, thanks for your interest in my design. Unfortunately I have no idea what the part numbers are and the stand is not with me.
    You could try using the Lego Digital Designer to "make" one according to the images above