Introduction: Adjustable Weapon Sling

My second tutorial on how to make a weapon sling

Step 1: Things You Need

materials used:

- 3 meters of 3 cm wide band

- a elastic for on the carrier on the back of you bicycle

- two "O" rings with a spacer (second from the left)

- something with a carabiner I found a prepared one for a other possibility go to

- strong thread (black is advised)

- spare needles

Tools used:

- sewing machine

- scissors

- chalk

Step 2: Preparing the Materials

take apart the hooks and pull out two elastics, if you want to make the elastic stiffer use more and visa versa.

cut two lengths of 35 cm

and one length of 110 cm

mark the beginnings and the ends of the straps of 35 cm on the strap of 110 cm but with some space in between, to give the side release buckle some space.

Step 3: Sewing Step 1

sew sort of a "tube" on the straps, but sew on the most outer edge to leave enough space for the elastics

once you finished one tube pull the two elastics through and sew them tight.

TIP: you can widen the tube by pushing the sides to each other.

Step 4: Sewing Step 2

You van now pull the side release buckle through, the band on the bottom gap and the elastics on the top as shown in the picture.

Then sew the second tube and pull the elastic through and sew them tight.

what you left with is picture 4

Step 5: Making the Sling Adjustable

You have to put one "O" ring upside down and the other one just normal, so that you can sew the end of the left strap on the spacer on the right "O" ring and visa versa.

sew them as shown in picture 3 and 4 and its done!