Adjusting the Bandsaw

Introduction: Adjusting the Bandsaw

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Adjusting the Blade Guard and Guides

The blade guard helps to prevent contact with the exposed blade. Use it every time.

  1. Loosen the lock knob.
  2. Turn the handwheel to raise or lower the guard and guides.
    • The blade guide should be 1/4" above the material being cut.
  3. Snug the lock knob.

Step 1: Blade Selection

Blades with more teeth per inch will cut more slowly than a blade with fewer teeth, but will make a nicer cut. Blades that are wider will cut a straighter line, but can’t cut small circles. The saw is usually equipped with a general purpose blade. The material needs to be thicker than three teeth of the band saw blade being used.

There are a variety of blades available; see Shop Staff for assistance, or refer to your bandsaw's manual on how to change the blade.

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