Introduction: Adobe Photoshop: Convert an Image to Black and White

Do you have Adobe Photoshop? Do you admire Black and White photos?

Learn how to change an image quality to Black and White using Adobe Photoshop! All you need is a computer with the application installed on it.

Important! Remember to attribute your chosen image if you personally did not take the photo yourself.

Step 1: Save Your Image

Save the image you want to edit to your computer.

Tip: Don't forget where it is saved, you will need to open the image in an upcoming step.

Step 2: Open Adobe Photoshop

To begin, open your Adobe Photoshop application on your computer.

Note: Adobe programs are compatible on both Mac and PC, depending on your computer system, the overall look of the app may vary slightly.

Step 3: Find Your Image

Go to, File> Open and locate the saved image you want to edit, than select Open. This will bring your image up on Photoshop.

Step 4: Set the Image Dimensions

Determine the size you want the image to be.

Go to the Imagetab located on the top toolbar, select Image Size. Change the measurement units from Pixels to Inches and fill in your desired width and height dimensions.

Optional: change the Resolution to 300 pixels, for the best print quality.

Step 5: Convert the Image to Black and White

Go to the Image tab on the top toolbar, selectAdjustments > Black and White. Click, OK.

Step 6: Critiquing Your Image

At this point the image quality is converted to Black and White.

If you are not satisfied with the contrast repeat step 5 and alter the Presets in the 'Presets' pop up window (Image > Adjustments > Black and White).

Step 7: Save

Lastly, save you finished product.

Go to, File > SaveAs and name it something different to clearly distinguish between the edited and non edited photo.