Introduction: Adobe Premiere Pro Multi Camera Edit Controller

I edit a lot of concerts with multiple cameras, normally i use the keyboard but the other day i thought of a better interface with larger easier to find keys that you don't need to look at to find the camera you want.

Step 1: Design and Parts

i wanted switches that were easy to press and would last a long time, i decided on these arcade switches

for the brain we need an arduino leonardo board. it has special USB hardware that allows it to act like a keyboard.

i published the 3d files here

Step 2: Arduino Code. (i Started With a Sample Keyboard/mouse Sketch and Changed Most of the Commands and Left Some Unused Code) "my Code Is Always Messy"

once the code is loaded to an arduino Leonardo board, it will act like a keyboard on any computer. the blue keys are just numbers 1-6, the red will be 0 or record, the green keys in order will be

arrow up/ last edit,

arrow left/ rewind,

space bar/ pause play,

arrow right/ ff,

arrow down/ next edit.

i used a laser burner i got for $60 online to etch the labels on to each button.