Adorable Apron in 10 Minutes!

Introduction: Adorable Apron in 10 Minutes!

I made this apron/smock in under ten minutes. It can be worn from the chest down or from the waist down. All you will need is an unwanted window valence, some hem facing, pins, and basic sewing skills.

Step 1:

1 - Tie a knot in the end of the hem facing. Work the fabric through the loop at the top of the valence where the curtain rod would go.

Step 2:

2 - Hold the apron up to you body and determine where to cut off the excess hem facing. be sure to leave enough room to comfortably tie the two ends into a bow. Tie a knot in the end that you have just cut. Stop here is you want an apron tied at the waist. Continue if you want an apron tied at the chest.

Step 3:

3 - Tie the apron around you chest tube-top style. From behind your back, pull together the two sides so that the waist has a more snug fit. Mark each side with a pin. This is where a second set of ties will go.

Step 4:

4 - Fold over the end of a piece of hem facing. Pin it to one side of the apron and sew it down. Determine the desired length, cut, and knot.

Step 5:

5 - Repeat step four on the other side.

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