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Introduction: Adorable Sea Urchin

Everyone wants a cute and colorful spiky ball floating around their house! Well, maybe not everyone, but it can double as a weapon of mass destruction if thrown accurately. Cats are also unsure what to make of them.

I have this minor obsession with hot glue. I made this one day during a glue gun therapy session and thought it was fun enough to share. It is super easy to make and can be a desk pal or you can suspend them in random places around your house......just don't run into them!

The materials you will need are:

~A hot glue gun (use a low-temp gun if you are going to be making these with children)

~Glue sticks for the glue gun (...of course!)

~100 pack of wooden golf tees (I used about 3/4 of the pack)

~A 1 1/2 inch round, plastic Christmas ornament. Anything sphere shaped should work, but if it doesn't have a place to hang it from a string, you will have to create one.

~Spray paint in any color (I used Valspar in Frosty Berry)

~2 large googly eyes

Step 1: Create the Spines

Take your ornament and glue the golf tees one by one with the larger end flush against the ornament. You can start to place the tees wherever you want. Don't be afraid to use the glue gun. A nice pea sized glob of glue is good. Hold the tees until they are steady enough to stand alone. You don't want the glue completely dry so you can adjust the tees. Don't glue them in a strait line, but have one resting in between two (see photo).

Keep gluing.....and gluing.....and gluing. If you are anything like me, this will be calming and enjoyable. If not, you are still going to have a really fun sea urchin!

Eventually you will have the entire ornament covered. If you like the way it looks, skip to step three. If you want to add some color to the spiky skeleton, go to the next step.

Step 2: Give It a Little Color

Since you decided the naked sea urchin look wasn't for you, now is the time to give it some color.

Pick whatever color you want your little friend to be. Be sure to pull off all of the little glue strings that are attached to the spines. Find something that you can protect whatever surface you are working on that you don't mind getting paint on and move to a well ventilated area(you don't want the sea urchin to start talking to you).

Place your creature on the protective surface and give him a coat of color with the spray paint. Let that coat dry then turn him over and spray the other side. Repeat this step until all of the spines are colored. Let it completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Better to See You My Dear

Now that you have this wonderful, colorful spiky sphere, what else could make it even better? An island cruise to see it's living counterparts? No, silly.....eyes!

If you are keeping it as a desk mate, find a good area to put the eyes and glue them on. If you are going to be allowing your new friend to float around, make sure you have him hanging before you find a spot to put the eyes or they might end up in a strange place.

Congratulations! You have made a cute, yet dangerous, new buddy. Now all you have to do is name him, find him a place to live in your home or office, and hope that nobody makes you mad within throwing distance.

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    4 years ago

    I love the addition of the eyes! Fun project!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! Can you guess I'm easily amused?