Introduction: Adrian Monk Disneytopian Blinking Hammer of Righteousness (Banhammer)

When there is no hope, you reach for the something deep. When staring down the disconsonant rabble crowd in the deepest cavern on the new digital frontier, the only way to bring order at the last resort when all reason fails is to use the Adrian monk Disneytopian Blinking Hammer of Righteousness. Okay, it doesn't blink but it is shiney. Encased is a point of which is made from the hardest substance known to man. Brilliant and pure, it can bounce off of the densest Dejayradionium platters which have a hard rap and nothing at its core. It can and will instantly dissipate energy when it hears do not turn off the power. Many banhammers are said to exist through the ages but this one is the most feared and powerful. Made from a diamond discovered nearly a century ago in our time, weighing in at 45.52 carats, and forged with knowing nod of the Wise High Council, something of this magnitude has never been wielded since Excalibur. Indeed, only those annointed by the ubiquitous High Council may use it in exacting timely justice lest you be cursed and flamed. Detailed and trimmed with leather and mother of pearl inlays (replicant simulated materials used here as PETA has since changed the world and taken on the cause celebre of mollusks). There is a pulsating glow that emits from within, possibly it can be said this is derived from a pic axe of some sort. Please, do not reference this to a battleaxe as this is regarded as the utmost tool of peace for the new millenium. Also, note that there is at least one documented case of friendly wanna see the scar?

It is a mystery on what it's source of power is. Human intelligence has not been able to discern the trail of clues that may lead to the origin of it's ultimate concentration of energy. From rocket scientists and those who know how to time travel have been on the faint fleeting ionic trail for eons and still have no clue.

You should not stare into the heart of the crystal as one glance will instantly shoot out an icy glare in response known to bring time in all dimensions to a sudden stop. Mere mortals have tried to question the decisiveness of the Banhammer to no avail. Plead your case in hushed tones but to make no apology is a grave error and be forever shunned.

And now, Behold, the Adrian monk Disneytopian Banhammer of Righteousness.


1. The above text was written before the final design. It was intended to be built as a steampunkish, dystopian, cybernetic banhammer of doom but the bottle contest deadline came much too soon. I did not have time to paint and glue so I went the zip tape route. I would have also embedded a blinking LED signal flasher.

2. Milwaukee is an actual power tool maker. They do not have any connection with this project. But if they did design and make an actual banhammer, it would probably be one of industrial quality and the finest made. Available to all trades and the discerning public.

3. Know how to use all tools properly and safely. Understand what your tool is capable of and wear eye, ear, and other protective gear. If necessary use the Adrian monk Disneytopian Blinking Hand of Righteousness(Turn Signal Glove).

4. Any references to Adrian monk are to the Instructables member Adrian monk. Deal with her.

Step 1: Get a Handle on It.

Reuse three bottles that have been rescued from the recycling bin.

I used two slender bottles and one medium sized bottle. The caps can be used as part of the project. Remove labels, clean and dry your bottles.

I used various kinds of tape to cover and put together the banhammer.
White duct tape
Red duct tape
Black duct tape
Aluminum foil duct sealing tape
Clear packaging tape- used to cover and affix labels

Use a utility knife or heavy duty shears to cut plastic. Be careful of sharp edges it produces.

To make the handle:
Take your two slender bottles.

Serrate or cut away at the neck of the bottle section at the threaded portion of one bottle so that it can squeeze on to the neck of the same kind of bottle. Tape it together.

Step 2: Cross Your Tees

Take the bottom of the handle bottle and place it against the medium bottle.

With a magic marker held close to the handle bottle, trace it's projection on to the medium bottle.

Cut away at the circle marked on the medium bottle like a pizza pie.

Bend the newly formed flaps.

Test the fit of the handle in the opening. Enlarge if necessary.

Step 3: Accessorize

Add details to your banhammer by using various caps and taping them on to the bottle.

You may need to cut similar holes to poke in the ends of certain caps.

Begin the process of decorating your banhammer by taping with various tapes.

I did have a can of spray bronze hammered finish that I was going to use. :-(

Step 4: Nascarize and Finialize

Finish applying the tape to cover all surfaces.

Grab graphics for your banhammer from various sources on the internet. Just search for it.

Or use a word processor word art to create labels or gauge/meter faces.

Print out and create a sticker with clear packaging tape.

The details define the functionality of the banhammer.

Step 5: Go Ahead, Make My Day...

I think banhammer beats paper, rock and scissors.

Make your own and test your mettle.

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