Introduction: Advanced Art 2 Final Project

For my final I am doing a painting of my two dogs. Not only am I doing this for my final project, but also for my mom's birthday which is coming up.


Online photo editor app, printer, pencil, canvas, ruler, paintbrushes, acrylic paint, and acrylic paint finisher.

Step 1: Decide Which Image, Apply Grid, and Print

Decide which image you would like to do. After deciding, bring your image into a version of an online photo editor. For Example, Vectr. Then, apply grid to the image. Finally, Print the image with the grid on it.

Step 2: Apply Grid to Canvas and Begin Sketch

After measuring the canvas apply a grid that matches the one on your image. Make sure grid lines are written softly so they are easily erased. Then, begin sketching your image using the grid method. Once your sketch is finished erase the grid so only your sketch remains on the canvas.

Step 3: Begin Adding Paint and Detail

I began by first adding the darker shades. Then I started moving down the gradient scale working my way to the lights. That last step is truly based on opinion. It really doesn't matter which way you work on the gradient scale. After adding more broad areas made up of one color, move on to adding details.

Step 4: Background

After finishing your painting you have to add a background. I decided to do a solid green because I thought it would contrast the dogs well. Once again this is a step truly based on opinion. You could add no background, a solid color, multi-colors, landscape, etc..

Step 5: Finisher

After your paint has fully dried, use an acrylic finisher so the paint does not chip and so the paint pops more. If you do not have access to this material it is ok it is not a necessity, your painting will survive.