Introduction: Advanced Burpee

This exercise is designed for strength, cardio, and muscle building training. All participants are advised to consult a physician before performing any of these movements.

Step 1: Stand With Your Feet Shoulder Width Apart, and Your Hands on Your Hips.

Step 2: Bend at the Knees As If You're Sitting in a Tiny Invisible Chair, While Keeping a Straight Back and Knees at a 90 Degree Angle.

Step 3: Push Off the Ground Through Your Heels While Raising Your Hand Above Your Head Simultaneously.

Step 4: Allow Your Body to Land on Both Feet. Then Bend at the Waist and Place Both Hands in Front of You on the Ground.

Step 5: Keeping Your Upper Body Straight, Jump Both Legs Behind You So Your Body Is Parallel to the Ground.

Step 6: Keeping Your Body Straight Lower Yourself by Bending at the Elbows and Stop When Your Elbows Have Reached a 90 Degree Angle.

Step 7: Raise Your Body Back Into the Parallel Position by Pushing Against the Ground Through Your Palms.

Step 8: Keeping Your Body Straight and Left Leg Straight, Bend Your Right Knee Up and to the Left Arm As Far As You Can.

Step 9: Return Your Right Leg to a Straight Position Same As Your Left Leg.

Step 10: Now Repeat the Same Motion for Your Left Leg As You Did for Your Right Leg But Raise It to Your Right Arm and Return to Rest After.

Step 11: Now Jump Both Legs Toward Your Arms and Keep Your Upper Body Straight, While Bending Only at the Waist.

Step 12: Stand Up Straight and Jump Off the Ground While Raising Both Hands Above Your Head.