Introduction: Advanced Engineering Apparatus Covid-19

Purpose: The purpose of this mask is to be an easy and accessible way for anyone to use any mask they want and look their best while having the same if not better benefits of using a surgical mask. By this point, many people know that a simple surgical mask is about as effective as it gets in a practical sense. However, surgical masks aren't always the most comfortable, nor are they the best when it comes to a person's vanity. Using this method you can get that same protection you would have from a surgical mask without having to visually see it.


  • 2 appearance masks(black cloth masks in this example)
  • 1 surgical mask
  • 1 Glue gun with a glue stick
  • Scissors
  • No measurements will be necessary

Step 1: Step One:

Grab your surgical mask and cut off the elastics bound to it at the base

Step 2: Step Two:

Grab one of your two cosmetic masks and place it face down on your surface(outside of the mask facing away from you) and place the modified surgical mask inside the confines of the mask(also face down).

Step 3: Step Three:

Use your glue gun to carefully apply glue to the four corners of the surgical mask. Apply this glue to the corners on the side touching the cosmetic mask to stick them together.

Step 4: Step Four:

Use your glue gun to repeat the process of step 3, however, apply the glue to the four corners of the surgical mask on the side that is facing you and quickly cover it with your second cosmetic mask(placed face down so the inside of the cosmetic mask is facing you).

Step 5: Step Five:

Allow the glue to dry properly and enjoy your new effective, yet stylish mask

Step 6: How to Use/Wear:

Simply put your new mask on your face and put your ears through whatever kind of ear string the mask you decided to modify has.