Introduction: Advanced Engineering Design Apparatus


The purpose of this apparatus is to reduce the amount of contact people come into at checkout and places where people often have to use the same device to purchase items. With this stylus, you are able to buy items without the worry of catching germs through other peoples nasty bacteria hands.


Cotton Swab


Aluminum foil

Unscrewable pen

Clear or masking tape

Bottle cap with water

Step 1: Unscrew Cap or Bottom on Pen and Take Out the Ink Chamber Along With the Spring

Screw back on the top or bottom on the pen (Inside of the pen should be EMPTY !!)

Step 2: Cut Cotton Swab in a Diagonal Motion, for Better Fit in Hole

Step 3: Insert the Pointed End of Cotton Swab in the Tip of the Pen

Step 4: Grab a Piece of Tape and Secure the Cotton Swab

Step 5: Cut a Piece of Aluminum Foil, About the Size of Your Thumb

Step 6: Wrap Around Pen So That One End Touches the Cotton Swab

Step 7: Take a Couple Pieces of Tape and Secure the Top and Bottom of the Foil to the Pen

DON’T soak cotton swab in water, lightly dip the cotton swab into the cap with water

Make sure your fingers are on foil while in use after the cotton swab is dipped

Begin the germ free usage of pin pads !!!