Advanced Line Follower Robot

Introduction: Advanced Line Follower Robot

This is a line follower robot with some additional features. This prototype can be used inside a factory for driver- less material movement.

There is be two station

  • Loading Station
  • Unloading Station

From Loading station robot will wait for Material to be loaded. Once material loaded with predefined quantity, bot will start moving towards unloading station. On reaching unloading station it will stop and open the unloading valve. once unloading is completed it will again started towards Loading station.

There are proximity sensor, RFID sensor, Loadcell and motor driver are present along with Arduino uno board.

Proximity Sensor:- used for detecting the line(route)

RFID Sensor:- Used to detect the Loading /Unloading station

Loadcell:- used to measure the loading weight in bot.

motor driver:- used to run the bot

Servo Motor:- Used to open/close the valve.

Code and YouTube video is attached.


  • Adruino Uno
  • L298 Motor driver
  • DC motor with wheels
  • Castor wheel
  • Proximity (IR) sensor module
  • Load cell
  • HX711 module
  • Servo motor
  • RFID module
  • RFID cards
  • Jumper wires

Step 1: Components

Here are the all Components Gathered. I have used wooden block to made the robot assembly by my own.

Step 2: Tools Required

You need the following tools to make this complete

  • Screwdriver
  • Hot Glue gun
  • wires and Solder
  • Soldering Iron
  • Spanner 10mm to fix the loadcell on body
  • Drill machine
  • pin hammer

Step 3: Assembly and Connections

follow the picture to understand easily

  1. Wooden block Cut into pieces and joined appropriately
  2. DC motor fixed with Glue
  3. make two hole on body, one for unloading pass-through another for fixing load-cell
  4. plastic funnel used is container
  5. funnel and servo motor fixed with load cell
  6. Servo motor arm fixed with paper and that will act as open/shut valve of container.
  7. other component fixed with screw
  8. Connection made.

Step 4: Preparing Track

I have made track with white paper. I have marked track with black paint.

Then I have placed two RFID card on Loading Station and Unloading Station.

Step 5: Code

I have programmed with Arduino IDE. Source file attached. You can check connection diagram from source file.

Step 6: Source File and Full Video

Step 7:

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