Introduction: Advanced Simon Says

Hello ALL!

This instructables shows "Advanced Simon Says".

There is the reason why I put 'Advance' to 'Simon Says'.

All of you may know what Simon Says and easy to find it with arduino project.

(Actually, I did not.. first I named it 'Memory game'..)

It has Level up and Life system. If you get a high score, it will show level up and the LED speed will be faster.

Also, if you has wrong answers three times, life will be gone and the game finished.

For now, Lets Start how it works in technically.

Step 1: Why I Start It

When I joined Korea Maker Faire in 2015, there are so many ideas and projects.

I though only IoT before, but it gave me other things like fun fun and FUN.

Want to make fun thing. This idea went around in mind.

So, I started build up this idea.

First, it will be fun with all ages.

Second, there is a steps for difficulty.

Third, limited chance.

Last, the best score will be published.

Step 2: What I Have..

After I got the idea.. I started.. But.. with what?!!!

I looked around my desk and tried to find something.

Then I found WIZwiki-W7500, some LEDs, Buttons, OLED and LAN cable..(ALL I used for WIZnet Academy...)

The list is all I used for this instructable

MCU : WIZwiki-W7500 (mbed Platform)

Part 1 : LED x 5

Part 2 : Button x 5

Part 3 : 128x64 I2C OLED (Any I2C OLED is OK)

Part 4 : LAN cable

Step 3: Hardwired

Hardwired is so simple If you did wiring with arduino or other mcu before.

Just few things cars about.

I wired LED with Pull Up circuit and the Button with Pull Down circuit.

Wondered there are many LEDs and Button on floating connection.

I used the button for Interrupt. So I recommend you to Pull down circuit with buttons.

Step 4: System Flow

This is the Advanced Simon Says system flow.

If you get high score, the level will be up.

And If you loose three times, the game will be done.

After that you can check you score in Web server.

But my source code does not have web-server. it is prototype.

the reason why I did not put it in, when I finished and tested it, the web server worked but not well...

So, I want to give you the perfect code for it.

If you want to do with web-server, please contact me. will guide you how to do it.

Step 5: Demo Video

Demo Video.

I set the highest score '30' for Level up.

Step 6: Open Source

uploaded open source in mbed developer site.

I will guide the code after.. when I have time to it...

If you want to know it more details.. please contact me.

Thank you !!