Introduction: Advent Calendar Felt Stocking Garland

For my partner this year I wanted to make a reusable advent calendar so I bought a bunch of scrap felt online.
These little stockings are a lovely colourful garland and reusable every advent. Mine are only a couple of inches big as I was using scrap fabric but would work as larger ones too.


Scrap felt, whatever colours you fancy, ideally high wool content.
Sewing thread, contrasting colours for embroidery and suitable needle
Thread or wool

Step 1: Find Suitable Sized Pieces of Felt and Cut Outline

I matched up pieces of felt which were big enough to fit my boot outline on. I then traced around the outline and cut out my little boot shapes.
I went for a chunky shaped stocking but anything will work so long as there's enough space to embroider numbers later.
Since I'm using this as an advent calendar I needed 25 matched pieces of felt (50 in total).

Step 2: Sew Them Up

Note if you want the stockings to be open I would recommend embroidering numbers on BEFORE sewing the two pieces shut.
I used a blanket stitch to sew these as I like the effect of being able to see the stitches but you could also sew them and then turn inside out.
I like to use a colour contrasting thread on this and then match the embroidery

Step 3: Embroider Numbers

I did chain stitch embroidered numbers (1-25) in a contrasting colour of thread (I just used normal thread and doubled it over but embroidery floss would also work).

Step 4: Attach to String and Hang Up

I used a cream and red embroidery floss, twisted round one another to create the garland to hang them from but you could use twine or wool and any colour that complements the stockings. Lay them out in numerical order with even spacing so they will all fit and then use some unobtrusive thread to attach.
Hand up but creating loops at either end

Step 5: Bonus Step

As an optional extra, make a little candy cane out of felt to mark the days of the calendar!
I cut out two lots of read felt and sewed them together as with the stockings, then adding some white felt stripes with some white thread tacking them in place. Because my embroidery closed the stockings the candy cane won't fit in them so hangs on the garland instead.
I also decorated the 25 with some french knots.

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