Advent Candles

Introduction: Advent Candles

About: I love gardening and practice it but in the winter time I do some handcrafts for my family, friends and myself

I made the advent candles out of the wood branches to decorate my porch

Step 1: Preparing the Branches

I cut the branches of hazelnut bush and sawed off four straight parts. On one end I made the holes with borer. In every hole I stuck the wooden stick.

Step 2: The Flame

Took a very hard cardboard, had drawn and coloured four flames with markers. Cut them and carefully pushed the sticks in. Put them in the holes made in the wood pieces - candles.

Step 3: Final Decoration

I glued the wooden candles on the slice of wood, put the ribbon around them and decorated with the pinecones and spruce twigs

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