Introduction: Advent Wreath

Materials needed:

All of the materials I used were purchased at the Dollar Tree. The only items used not purchased at the Dollar Tree were scissors and double sided tape. Scissors are sold there, double sided tape might be.

-Plate, bowl, tray. Squared ceramic plate used in this project.

-Green garland (can be substituted with painted rocks or any variety of materials)

-Decorative Spray (many different floral arrangements can be used instead)

-Candles 3 purple, 1 pink are preferred. Votive candles were used in this project. In the alternative, white candles (used with pink and purple ribbon)

-Candle holders votive candle holders were used in this project, 2 tall and 2 short.

-Ribbon, pink and purple (in lieu of purple and pink candles) Curling ribbon was used in this project.


-Glue or double sided tape

The Advent Wreath is to be used in a home in conjunction with a booklet or print out of prayers to be read aloud as a family while each candle is lit. This tradition helps keep the focus on the "reason for the season", Jesus!

The wreath can be personalized in any number of ways. Substitute garland for stones, painted by your kids! Add a religious item such as a small statue of the Holy Family or the Infant Jesus. The only limit is your imagination!

Step 1: Candles

If you are using white candles, ribbon or even paint can be used to designate the purple and pink candles. Glass paint can be used on glass candle holders. Large candles can be used with a ribbon tied around it. Or as seen above, tags/stickers removed from stems, curling ribbon was used by placing double sided tape (glue can be substituted - crazy glue or hot glue) to hold the ribbon in place. Start at the bottom of the stem of the candle holder and place double sided tape to the top of the stem. Take the end of the ribbon and stick it to the bottom of the stem onto the taped area. Wind the ribbon to the top of the stem where the double sided tape ends. Cut the ribbon to end the winding. Cut a few pieces of ribbon (about 10 inches) and tie to the bottom of the stem. Use your scissors to curl the ribbons.

Two tall and two short candle holders were used in this project. One tall was decorated with pink curling ribbon. Two short and one tall were decorated with purple curling ribbon.

Step 2: Greens

Open the garland and place on the plate or bowl you intend on using to support your wreath. This project needed the garland to wrap in a circle approximately three times to get sufficient fullness. Cut excess away. Notice on the back of the decorative spray package there are twist ties holding it in place. Untwist and set aside. There are two "sprays" attached to each package. Lay the sprays on the garland where desired and use the twist ties to tie it to the garland. Make sure to leave room in the center for your candles.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Lay the wreath on the plate and place the candles in the middle. If you have a religious image such as a statue, place it in the middle.

It is not very sturdy if moved, for more stability all of the wreath parts can be adhered to the plate with command strips, hot glue or double sided tape.

You're all done! Enjoy your advent wreath with your family year after year!