Introduction: Adventure Time Magnetic Bookmarks

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Magnetic bookmarks are arguably the best bookmarks out there. They stay in your book in the right spot even if the book is dropped, shook, or hung upside down. The problem is that they aren't exactly cheap as far as bookmarks go and cool designs are few and far between so I decided to make my own.

I chose Adventure Time because its awesome and it's my thing right now, but I also plan to make other designs later.

All of the designs are made from photos found in a google image search. Some are designs made by awesome people on deviantart and others are from the show. I loaded the images in photoshop and added them to the book mark template I created there.

This 'ible will take you through making the book marks from the designs I made.

You will need:

computer and printer
white cardstock
glue stick
adhesive magnets, strength rating of 3 (I dont know if weaker magnets will be strong enough)

Step 1: Print, Glue, Cut, and Fold

First things first, print out the bookmark design sheet on white cardstock. I've attached both the jpeg and the photoshop files so if you have photoshop, you can use the layouts and put in your own designs if you wish.

1. I doubled up my bookmarks to make them sturdier so they could handle more wear and tear. To do this, get a blank sheet of cardstock and cover the whole sheet in glue. (glue stick, not liquid) Then align the design sheet with the blank sheet and press together.

2. Carefully cut out the bookmarks

3. Fold them on the line and use the handle of the scissors to make a good crease.

4. Unfold and reglue one side at a time so the alignment stays right. Most of mine had loose edges. If ,when you fold it, there is a little ripple in the layers on the back side, carefully pull the two layers apart at the back end of the bookmark, fold it, reglue it in this postion, and then trim the excess on the edge.

Step 2: Add the Magnets

Now its time to add the magnets.

1. Cut a strip of magnet that is slightly shorter than the width of the back end of the book mark.

2. Use this piece as a template to measure and cut more strips. You will need two for each design.

3. Stack a set of 2 together, magnetic sides touching. It's important to let them stay where they are best attracted. You may have a tendency to want to make them line up exactly, but if yours are like mine, they work best it they slightly overhang each other (see the photo)

4. Peel off the paper from both sides and press the stack down on the back end of the bookmark. Try to center it towards the bottom as in the photo. This leaves the sticky side of the second magnet facing up.

5. Now simply fold the top over and press down to apply the magnet. This way, you are certain of the correct alignment of the magnets.

6. Test it out, open and close it to be sure all is right.

All finished. Enjoy using the bookmarks. I live for comments so please let me know if you like them, if you make some, or if you design your own!