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Introduction: Adventure Time Style Face

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In this tutorial I will show you how todo the face of adventure time style people. If you haven't checked out my tutorial on the basic body anatomy then do that first for especially the head. Btw it's MB here and I do talk a lot. The cover picture is a picture I did for one of my best friends. I used him to practice. But enjoy. And later I will do one on hair.

Step 1: Basic Head Outline.

Ok so you draw the basic head outline. An oval with the neck connected. NO STRAIGHT LINES! Very important rule.

Step 2: The Beginning of Proportion

Draw the ears small and further down than you think you should. And do the basic face cross.

Step 3: Adventure Time Proportion Ing.

Now draw another line halfway between the horizontal cross and the bottom of the face. And two on either side of the vertical line.

Step 4: Facial Features.

Now put the eyes right below the middle horizontal line. Level with the ears and right on target with those side vertical lines. Draw the mouth above the second horizontal line. The mouth and eyes are close together in this style of cartoon.

Step 5: And Your Done With the Basics.

Now erase all the horizontal and vertical kind and fine line it. You can vary the mouth and eyes depending on the character. For example marceline has fangs and pointy ears. And you are done! Now you just have to wait for my hair tutorial!

Step 6:

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