Introduction: Adventure Time Themed Clock

About: I love to adventure with my adopted brother Jake and my girl friend.... who is on fire her name is flame princess. I have a rad sword and I fight stuff... like monsters and goblins and ect.

This Instructable will be started with u putting down your sword and picking up your pencil.

Step 1: Making the Face of the Clock

Start by drawing a circle. This can be done 2 different ways you can stencil it around a large plate or u can just wing it. Then you will need an awesome picture or an even better drawing. Make sure to cut it before u draw because if you don't awesome parts of your drawing could be cut out.

Step 2: The Back of the Clock

Cut out a piece of card board or pizza.........I mean construction paper sorry I`m really hungry. Then tape it to the back of the face of the clock.

Step 3: Finish

Get a board long enough to attach to the back of the clock and make sure that the clock part sits on top of the board so it doesn't bend the paper and then tack or glue it to the board. Note u will need to detach the clock hands to get it in the hole in the paper.

Step 4: Your Done

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