Adventures of a Can Tab

Introduction: Adventures of a Can Tab

About: I work as software engineer in one of Bay Area (California) companies. Whenever I have a time I like to program micro controllers, build mechanical toys, and make some home improvement projects.

How do you use can tabs? Obviously to open cans. What after that? It can be recycled all together with a can. But I usually detach them from cans: they could be handy in some small projects around a house.

Step 1: Picture Hangers

Tabs small size and flexibility allow to use it as picture or placard hangers.

Step 2: Frame Backup Clips

You can use it as backup clip for DIY photo frame.

Step 3: Transistor Cooler

Tabs (the same as cans) are produced out of aluminum alloy and that makes them good heat conductor. Here you see I attached two tabs to a transistor as a cooler. How effective it is? Hard to tell, I did not make any measurement but I it dissipates at least part of heat energy produced by electronic device.

Step 4: Precision Screwdriver Stand

I have several precision screwdrivers. They are from different vendors an of different length so to keep it safe and handy I had to make special stand for them. First picture here shows element of the stand: wooden blocks with attached tabs and long screw. Second picture shows assembled stand.

Step 5: Separators for Drill Bit Holder

I had IKEA pen/pencil holder which I did not use much. I found use in it as a place to keep various drill bits. In the middle of the holder I glued wooden cylinder with drilled hole inside of it. On the edge of the holder cup I installed tabs. Some narrow drill bits I keep inside tab holes, some wider bits are in spaces between tabs.

Step 6: Conclusion

OK, as of now I am out of tabs and out of ideas. What do you make with can tabs?

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