Introduction: Advertise Your Business With Cross-platform Web Apps

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Recently I found a website that allows you to make an iPhone web app that can be added on the homepage and have the look and feel of an ordinary app.
With this service you are able to create an iphone app without a mac or sdk.
With this service your apps are going to work with iOs and android

Step 1: First Head to

To continue you must have google chrome
Go to the link given below
Then register in this website by pressing the JOIN NOW button at the upper right of the website.Fill in the fields with your real email because you will need the incoming message from widgetbox that asks for validation.
Now you are ready to go.

Step 2: Start Creating Your Web App!!!

Now the interesting part!!!!
Sign in your account.
Then tap the MAKE AN APP button

Step 3: Pages

Now add elements to your app.To have all these services you must have a diamond plan or run on a diamond plan trial

Facebook=you fill the empty field with a Facebook fun page and you can choose whether you want this page to include images or not
RSS Feed=You can add a blog or a feed and you have the ability to chose if  you want to have images or not.You also have the option to add share and view in browser buttons or if you want to group your posts by date or time and also if you want to view google mobilized version posts
Twitter=You can add search results of a term on twitter, or updates of a Twitter user or some lists
Youtube=You have the options to view the favorites of a username, or uploads or the search results of a search term
Photos=You can add photos from many services such as picasa web albums or flickr
It offers you the option to view the images in a list or in carousel style and you can also connect every image to the article that refers to
Polls=You can make polls to ask your customers about things that you want and then view statistics
Maps=You can add an adress such as your adress and you can also take advantage of the geotagging abilities of some devices to prompt users to share their location and take directions to your adress
Custom pages=If you know the basics of HTML and CSS you can add custom content to your page
Share Page=You can add a share page that prompts users to share yoyr app to services such as twitter or Facebook but you can also show them how to install your app on homescreen and look like a native app(still needs internet connection)
Events=Provide a link to your Google Calendar XML file
Location=Provide users  directions to multiple locations and also give telephone numbers
Contact=Allow your users to contact you via your Mobile App
Add Splash Page=Enter your custom splash page content

Step 4: Even More Customization

You can choose if your pages will appear in bottom or top tab menu or if you want them to appear on a list
You can change the name of avery page you want by clicking on the name and rename it and you can also change the icon that appears on every page by clicking on the icon after the name and then choosing from a wide variety of icons
You can rearrange the pages by dragging to reorder them
You can also choose a theme for your app and the font of your text
You have the option to add an icon to your app and add a simple text to the info button or a startup image

Step 5: Publish Your App

Now check that everything is ok and push publish my app
You will be given a link
Go to your device and visit this widget
Now you are ready to work with your app
Thank you for viewing my 'ible
Sorry for my bad english, I am from HELLAS

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