Introduction: Aegis Longboard

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Aegis: A Greek mythological shield beared by Zeus

The Aegis longboard is a downhill longboard/ luge combo that was amde mainly with design in mind. I always had this shape in the back of my mind and wanted to express it thorugh a tangibleproduct, so decided to make a longboard with it. The board is 48" long and 12" wide at its widest point. It is built to be big, stable, and the tucks are bolted down to prevent wobbling at high speeds. The shape of the longboard makes it quite comfortable to sit on the widest spot and sit back to luge downhill.

The deck of the longboard is made with 1/2" 8 ply baltic plywood. On top of that, there is a 1/16" layer of Maple (Light color) and Peruvian Walnut (Dark color). The deck was prepaered with a rectangular board of the plywood, and the maple and center walnut strip laminated on. The board was then put on the CNCed to shape, and the sides of the maple was cut out. Matching walnut pieces were then CNCed out accordinglyto fill in the hourglass shape cut outs. on the side.

The bottom of the deck has the word AEGIS routered out on it about an 1/8" deep, and  cutsout were made to prevent wheel bites. The cut outs were then Bondoed up to create a smooth curved surface, snaded down, and painted black.The text was also painted black. Once this has been done, 3 heavy layers of Spar Urethan were applied to both the top and bototm of the board. Each layer took aorudn 2 days to fully dry, but the other side could be coated after just 1 day of drying a single side. After all this has dried, the top gets 2 mor coats fo Spar Urethane, but with each layer, i applied silica sand while it was wet to get that grip texture on the top. The silica sand gives the board plenty of grip while allowing the wood design to still show through.  Apply a final heavy coat fo Spar Urethane on top in order to ensure that teh Silica Sand wont be flaking off any time soon.

On this board, I again used the Veloz V5 10" trucks with generic 70mm black wheels and Abec 7 bearings.