Introduction: Aero Triathalon Handle Bars

In the above photo you can see layed out all of the pieces to my design. For these aero bars you will need to print 2 of everything and 4 of the spacers. You will also need 2 m4 bolts and nuts of about 22mm in length. This is a link to Thingiverse where you can get my files:

Step 1: Nuts

Push the nuts into the holes in the side of the arm rest. You will need a tool to push them in as they are press fit, I used an allen key.

Step 2: Clamp Assembly

Screw the bolt onto the washer tightly, this helps to protect the part while attaching it to the bike. With the U shaped piece you will need to slightly drill it out with a bit barely larger than the bolt, while this isn't necessary it does make assembly easier. Then push the bolt and washer into the U shaped piece.

Step 3: Full Clamp

I also suggest that you drill out the holes in the arm rest with the same bit as it also makes assembly easier. Then screw the bolts into the arm rest, if the nuts start turning jam a small flat head screw driver into the side of the nut to stop it from spinning. once it is aligned with the bolt you can put a dab of super glue in the hole to keep the nut in place.

Step 4: GLUE

As seen in the picture the pieces on the left will turn into the piece on the right, they all have alignment slots and that will help you in the gluing process. A tip it is to test fit the part right before gluing it so that you don't make any mistakes. Keep in mind that the connection in between the two arm pieces is not vertically symmetrical however if you do a preassembly before gluing you will be able to see the difference.

Step 5: Finished

Here is a picture of the bars attached to my triathlon bike.

Step 6: Finish

and here is another angle.

Step 7: Render

These pictures give you a good idea of the finished product. You probably noticed the missing rear piece and that is because I am waiting to glue that on until I have finished painting my bars and decided on positioning, it is meant to prevent the bars from rotating down and should be attached before you try riding with them. I also recommend that you put some kind of foam on the arm rests, it was intended for that. I used Fusion 360's generative design to come up with the I beam arms.

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