Introduction: Aether-O-Matic

About: I am Rico, from the netherlands, and have as hobby tinkering around with electronics and mechanics.

I bought not so long ago a raspbery Pi model 2 B to experiment. first to create a mediabox for the television, but is seemd a bit worse than my current media player based on an old Intel core duo, so I skipped that idea.

Next step was to use it as a music player. the first step was rather disappointing. I used it in combination with Rune Audio. and the sound quality was much worse than connected to my Iphone. I started reading and bought a HIFI DAC especially for the Pi.and now the little thing was starting to play very great. Howver i had 2 problems, my eqipment is vintage , I have an old Blaupunkt Santiago. state of the art radio in 1965 , one of the first with transistor amplifier, but still with a tube stereo radio. For the radio the sound is great woith the tubes also warm. Only with the raspberry pi ( it is now passing only transistors) the sound is a bit dry, to modern. So I also included a Tube pre amplifier. a simple kit made in china. not a great amplifier itself, but it adds that tube sound.

rune audio can be found here for the raspberry pi

the only part missing was a housing that would fit in to my vintage equipment., the answer is the Aether-O-matic

Step 1: What Have I Used:

  1. a raspberry Pi , example:
  2. a case, this is something you can use your imagination, i used and old wooden clock body that i had laying around, the inside was to small so added also an old switch/router housing.
  3. an analog VU kit , example
  4. tube pre amp example
  5. 12v trafo for the VU kit
  6. a 2A I-phone charger but than with an micro USB cable (some spare i had)
  7. DAC for Raspberry Pi version 2 model B
  8. connecting material , cables, heat shrink tube, screws (M3) , Beige spray paint, some wood i head ,and some rest material leather.

Step 2: Preparing the Clock Housing

well as simple as it sound, with everything completely not fitting, it can be complicated.

I drilled first 32mm holes in the clock case

soldered the connecting wire to the VU meters, and placed them in the clock.I used a small rubber hose around the VU meters to clamp into the holes.

Place an on off switch and a holder for a light bulb in the existing holes.

Step 3: Putting the Electronics in the Witch/routercasing

This was the tricky bit that has costed me the most time. Originaly i wanted to use the PSU from the switch as it has , but it did not work. there foe the inside was completely stripped.

i drilled holes in the bottom for tyhe 3m screws on the locations i wanted to fit the prints.,

the raspberry is place to one side, for the USB connection, and USB ports to stick out. the preamp is situated to the other side so that the volume sticks out there.

it was first merely looking where everything needed to be put, and that the looks where stil 60's

the cover of the casing, and the upper print for the Tube preamp, i spray painted beige

I decicded it needed wood and leather as extra.

from there the prints are build up inside.

also cut and drilled holes of the cover plate , where the cables had to go through, holes for screwing the clock housing, and a square whole to let the trafo pass, as it is to high for the switchhousing. and to let the part with th tubes/caps stick out

after everything is screwd and fit together the wiring has started ( this is very much pretty straight forward..

on the back i glued first a piece of cotton , and tglued over the cotton a piece of leater, to hide and cover the screws.

connect the power switch and the VU meters with the electronics inside, and screw the clock case to the swicth case.

aply wood to the sides , and ready to connect to my radio and enjoy.

Step 4:

I have used rune Audio, this software can be controlled with every device that has an internet browser

for information on rune audio , or another software you can find information on their website for rune audio , and raspberry pi what can you do with it? a lot, i use it for streaming music from my main computer and spotify. but it cn also be used for internet radio for example.

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