Introduction: Aeturnus Box

The premise of this kinetic sculpture is built around the idea of an object being suspended in a way that seems like 'forever', hence the name aeturus which is not only a reference for fellow fallout nerds, but is a completely suitable title for a project such as this.
To create this project you will need:
Glass pane
Window tint
Drill and drill bits
Wood screws and eye bolts
PVC pipe (optional)
Spray paint (optional)
Stainless steel balls
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Paper clips or similar wire material
Fishing line
Led light strips
Circle/table saw
The materials listed above are only for reference and it is strongly encouraged to mess around with the size shape and color as you may see fit.

Step 1:

The first step is to create some sort or stencil to use in order to create a hexagonal or octagonal shape to create the wave or kinetic sculpture inside the box. An octagonal shape is what was used in the project. depending on how many sides your shape has, the more Stella balls you will need as well as the need for making some adjustments to the size of the frame. An octagon will give you 16 pieces to work with and a hexagon will give you 12. Adjust this to your preferences.

Step 2:

Next you can start by creating your box. Using 2 by 4, cut 2 27 inch pices as well as 2 24 inch pieces to make a box. An alternative would be to cut 45 degree angles at each end to provide a cleaner final result.

Step 3:

Once the frame and whatever shape you have decided to cut are complete, start to drill pilot holes to fit the eye bolts and screws into, while not completely necessary it will prevent things like the wood from splitting and unnecessary bulging in the wood. On one piece of the 27 inch piece (if following what is shown in this particular project) the holes will need to be spaced approximately 1.411 inches apart. As for the other shape, drill the holes so they match with the corners of the piece. Once the holes are drilled into the octagonal shape, screw the eye bolts into the holes so that they resemble the picture.

Step 4:

To mount the octagon to the frame, cut about a 4 inch piece of wood to secure it to. In this example a right angle bracket was used to connect the two pieces. Once together, place on the shorter side of the frame with about 2 inches of room overhanging the edge of the piece of wood

Step 5:

The next step is to use 16 (or however many you have decided to use) pieces of fishing line or small chord that is about the length from one fingertip to the others. It's extremely helpful to fasten one side down to a surface so that you can keep track of how many pieces of line you are using as well as tying them all together. It's optional to fasten the knot with duct tape but I would highly recommend it.

Step 6:

You can now start to assemble the frame and octagonal shape so that they now make a box!

Step 7:

The next step is to create some form of support for the line and the method that is used here can be replaced by a scrap piece of wood or any other sturdy material. You can then start to drill holes corresponding with the ones on the 2 by 4 and In this case a length of pvc was used and to secure it in place we used a screw on one end and a scrap piece of 2 by 4 with a 1.5 inch diameter hole and pvc pipe connected. Once strong and sturdy, thread the fishing line from the octagon through the holes starting clockwise from the bolt directly to the left of 12 o clock hole (facing the knotted end of the line) and feeding that line to the very last bolt and working your way back.

Step 8:

but before you put the line through you should paint your piece. While waiting for the paint to dry create the balls that will be attached by hot gluing a looped paper clip to the steel ball. Once the piece is dry you may now attach the balls so that they are as even as possible