Introduction: African Clawed Frogs

All my friends call me the crazy fish guy because my first fish tank was my passion and took all my time. But now I have another tank in my room and instead of fish in it I have African Clawed Frogs.

Step 1: Get a Nice Sized Fish Tank

I was lucky enough to get a tank from my aunt who had it collecting dust in the basement. I cleaned it simply using water and paper towel because I don't want chemicals in the tank. Getting a free tank really helped out my wallet but I did need to but a filter and a heater.

Step 2: Getting Water Ready for Your Aqua Budy

No matter what aquatic friend you are setting the tank up for you need to do this to your water:
1st fill the tank with water and flooring. I chose sand and had to do a lot of cleaning before hand, if you want to save time setting up your tank use gravel!!! It's way easier to clean too!!!
Now you need to get the water in a condition so your new pet will live happier and longer. Use stress coat and follow the directions on back. This cleans the water from your tap and puts less stress on the watery buddy. Now you need to get healthy bacteria in the tank. I used start smart (once again follow instructions on label). Now set up heater and filter. Temp should be between 75-80. Now if you have another tank set up put the one from the old tank into the new tank. This will help bacteria grow and you need bacteria to break down the poop.

Step 3: More Prep Work Before You Get the Water Roommate

The water now is clean and has some bacteria in it but that bacteria will die fast if it doesn't have poop to eat. What I did was I got feeder fish to help set ammonia levels right and help bacteria grow. They were 20 for a dollar so It didn't hurt my wallet. "Warning they will all die so don't get attached" only one of mine lived more then 3 days and I knew the bacteria didn't grow enough so I moved 3 of my bigger fish into the tank. Now every week you need to clean and add bacteria. Also check water conditions by other buying a kit or bring some water to your fish store and they will test it for a few bucks.

Step 4: Adding the Real Water Friend

Now that your water chemical levels have been stable and you've decorated the tank you can start getting fish or in my case African Clawed frogs (acf). I got the frogs from a friend who could no longer take care of them. Thanks to that I didn't have to spend a ton of cash and the new addition to my room. In total I spent 40 on a new filter (that went into my old ) 40 on the heater, 13 on the bacteria and a few bucks on sand. It cost me around $100 to set up and I didn't have to pay for the tank or the frogs and both of those cost a nice penny.

Step 5: More Info!

I now have 5 acfs and only one is albino but I couldn't get photos of the green/brown ones because they are a bit shy. They are aquatic and don't breath air so don't have areas that are above the water because they could kill themselves. The can catch and eat feeder fish but I haven't had time to get any so they have been munching on pellets and blood worms.
The previous owner only used the pellets and they are 7 years old so if you don't want to feed them gross/live food you can do that

Step 6: Let Me Know If You Have Questions Regarding Fresh Water Pets!

I have experience with fish and now have had the frogs for a while so I know a nice amount! Let me know if you have any questions! I'll be glad to reply! Also this is my first post on here so let me know how I did!!