Introduction: African Drum


2 Home Depot buckets
White fabric
Yellow streamers
Brown paint
Red yarn
Hot glue

Step 1: Buckets

Get two home depot buckets.

Step 2: Cut Buckets

Cut off the tops of the two Home Depot buckets to the same circumference so that the buckets line up when put on top of each other.

Step 3: Sand Buckets

Sand edges of buckets until they are smooth.

Step 4: Glue Buckets

Hot glue the two buckets together at the rims.

Step 5: Wrap Fabric

Wrap buckets in white fabric and hot glue at top and bottom.

Step 6: Paint and Decorate

Paint the fabric brown and put yellow streamers around the buckets over the cloth in the desired design.

Step 7: Cover Top

Cover top of drum with a circular piece of white fabric and hot glue down around the edges, the wrap a piece of red yarn around the rim of the bucket.