After the Deep-fry: Disposing Used Oil in Eco-friendly Way

Introduction: After the Deep-fry: Disposing Used Oil in Eco-friendly Way

When you see any deep-fry recipes, a question might arise  “so, what to do with the oil left in the pan after cooking?? Some techniques of deepfrying can be found in many recipes but a few can be found for the leftover oil.

I usually store these paper containers of juice or milk that got a layer of aluminium inside. This kind of juice packs cannot be taken for paper recycling. They are very strong and very good for disposing used oil.

Directions of disposing used oil

1.   Cut and open the top of the juice pack and let it stand on the sink
2.   Power the oil (cold)* into the pack
3.   Dust the pan with flour (leftover from cooking) to absorb the oil and wipe it  with a paper (instead, I often make kitchen wipes with my husband’s old, worn out office shirts or t-shirts. After washing them with a tiny drop of breach, cut into pieces and store in a box to reach) and throw it into the pack
4.   Close the mouth of the pack and bind it with a rubber band
5.   Put into a plastic bag and place it in the bottom of the bin bag
*Please power the oil when it gets cool down.

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    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm from latinamerica and we fried a lot of our preparations, that means a lot of cardboard cartons are going to be accumulated for it. What other options do I have?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    That works well. I actually reuse my oil for grilling.

    I like to grill out, using wood and/or charcoal. I don't like charcoal lighting fluid, as it leaves a chemical taste and smell. I save my used cooking oil, as well as bacon grease, in glass jars, then use the oil for the grill. I load the grill with some newspaper, or mail ads, on the bottom, and wood/charcoal on top. Them I pour about 1/2 to 1 cup of oil over all items, making sure some gets on the paper. I then let it soak for a bout 15 minutes, then light the paper with a match. It works much better than lighter fluid, I'm reusing cooking oil previously used, and I'm not using petroleum distillates on or near my food.

    A Japanese housewife
    A Japanese housewife

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for my slow response.
    Your way of reuse used oil sounds very clever!! Also, I totally agree with the chemical flavour of lightning fluid!! I think your way of using used oil should be promoted especially in this BBQ season.

    In Japan, they sell a product "tempura jar" which is made of aluminium and got a net strainer inside to reuse some oil for the next tempura. It is nice only when we have vegetable tampura but it isn't when we deepfry seasoned meat. Anyway eventually it need to be thrown away. So, your way is more advanced!!