Introduction: Afterglow Headset Mic. Extension

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I bought one of these headsets recently because i thought they looked cool.
I then noticed very soon that the quality of the microphone was absolutely dreadful.
i practically had to yell for it to pick up my voice.
so... i came up with the idea to extend the microphone to where it should be, which should make playing with friends online fun again.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

i apologize because i thought about making this an instructable half way into the process.

soldering iron
flat head screwdriver 
philips head screwdriver
sharp knife

thin wire
a paperclip
some vinyl tubing (other tubing will work)

Step 2: Open the Case

very carefully use the flat head screwdriver to open the case.
be sure to open it little by little because the plastic seems very brittle and may crack.
i found it easiest to work my way around from the volume control

Step 3: Locate the Mic. and Remove the Wires

once you remove the clear plastic case you will then need to remove the black rubber from the circuit board.
then take your soldering iron and remove the positive and negative wires.

Step 4: Make the Extension

solder the wires coming from the mic. to the wire and run it through the vinyl tubing which has been cut to your length of choice.

next, straighten the paperclip and put it inside the tubing, this is what will give the extension its shape.

then, on the end of the tubing which will be attached to the headset cut it like it shows in the second picture.

after that is all done, run the wire through the existing hole in the headset and through the rubber piece that holds the circuit board.

Step 5: Red to Red , Black to Black

the tricky part.
solder the positive wire to the positive terminal and the negative to the negative terminal (it is marked in white on the circuit board near the terminals)

Step 6: Glue It on and Put It Back Together

almost finished!
but before you glue it back together it might be a good idea to test it and see if it still works.
luckily i got it right the first time!
so glue the tubing on the side of the headset
and put the case back together
(it may need a little glue to hold it together)

enjoy your new and improved headset!!
now that it works like it should