Introduction: Age Paper Without Tea

I have recently wanted to age paper, so i looked on the internet, but all of the ways seemed to involve smearing tea on paper and baking it. this Instructable shows how to age paper without both of those.

Step 1: Gather Your Stuff

you will need:   yellow food coloring, water (not pictured), a mixing container ( use whatever size is necessary for whatever size piece of paper you are using) paper (Duh), and a barbecue lighter.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Step 2: Making the Dye

pour just enough water to cover your paper when its folded up. use as little as possible so that the water is very concentrated with color. if you use too much water you will have to use a lot of food coloring. When you put the food color don't bother to be precise. this isn't rocket science. just put enough to turn the water a deep orange. ( as pictured)

Step 3: Cut the Paper (or Not)

use scissors or a hobby knife etc. to cut the paper to the desired size. if you already have the paper cut, then forget about this.

Step 4: Dipping and Dyeing

Insert the paper piece into the dye stir it around a bit and let it soak for a couple minutes.

Step 5: Removing and Drying

remove the paper from the cup of dye and place it on a flat surface that can be stained. I used an old lawn chair that we had in our yard. when the paper is just barley moist take it off your drying location. it burns slower this way. 

Step 6: Fire and Compaction

use the BBQ lighter to singe and burn the edges of the yellow paper. Remember to put out the fires.( it isn't fun when your hand is on fire) do this as much as desired. this also dries the paper completely so that you can crumple it as shown above 

Step 7: Ta Daa!

uncrumple your ball of paper and ta daa: you have old looking paper! please comment.