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Introduction: Age Your Pictures

In this tutorial I will show you how to give your pictures an ageing/grunge effect. For this you will have to use photoshop and you must have some grunge textures. You can download them from the internet or you can make them yourself. Just go outside and take some pictures of walls, concret, tree bark or anything you find interesting.

I've uploaded for you the textures I've used. They are at a lower resolution then the one I've used because they were too big to upload. I also uploaded the picture I've modified in case you want to practice on the same one.

Step 1: Prepare Your Picture

1. Open the picture that you want to modify. The picture that I choose was made by me a few years ago. I chose it because I think it fits very well with this topic.

2. First thing to do is to give the image a little contrast. For this go to:  Image-->Adjustments-->Levels. If you want to practice on the same image and are interested in the values , they are: 24 -1 - 209. You can also give the picture a little contrast by going to Image-->Adjustments-->Curves.
After you've done this, press CTRL+J, this will make a new layer that is a copy of your background. It is recomended not to apply changes direct to your background because if you are not satisfied with the result you can make a new copy and start all over again.

3. Because old pictures are not so rich in colors, we have to lower the saturation. Select your new layer and go to: Image-->Adjutments--> Hue/Saturation. Lower the saturation untill you are satisfied with the result

4. Double click on layer 1 and the "Layer Style" window will open. Check the "Color Overlay" box. Choose a light orange color and set the blending mode to OVERLAY. After this you have to  decreases the opacity until you are satisfied with the results. I reduced it to 30%

Step 2: Prepare Your Textures

1. Open some grunge textures.

2. You can adjust the contrast of your textures just like you did with the picture.

Step 3: Apply Textures

1.  Use the MOVE tool (V) to drag your texture on the picture

2. Set the blending mode to OVERLAY

3. Lower the Opacity

Step 4: Add a Vignette

1. Add a new empy layer

2. Use PAINT BUCKET (G) to fill the new layer with black color

3. Select the ERASER tool

4. Left click on the image to open the eraser options.

5. Select your eraser size

6. Select a brush like the one in the image ( the blury one)

7. Decrease the eraser opacity and start deleating

The idea is to use a high opacity value in the middle of the picture, where you want to be able to see the image details, and decrease opacity value as you move with the eraser towards the margins.

There are other ways to make a vignette. For example check this link:

Congratulation. You have now aged your picture.

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