Introduction: Agility Ladder

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When I wanted to make my own agility ladder for football training, no one had published an instructable on how to make one. So I did some research on the dimesions and bought the supplies I thought I would need. You can make the lenth as long as you want, the longer the harder.


100 ft of rope
- Any kind or thickness will work, but the diameter pvc will have to be twice as the diameter of the rope. It doesn't have to be strong or anything.
- You don't need a 100 ft, I used about 70 ft, but alittle extra never hurt.

20 ft of PVC
- I only used 17 ft, but they sell them by 10 ft lenghts
- I used 1/2" but any size will work.

Step 1: Cutting the Rungs

You first want to deside how wide you want your spaces and how long you want your ladder.
- longer the ladder more rungs you will need
- widder the rungs, more space in between and easier for beginners

I cut 13, 16" peices. It made a pretty long ladder and works great.

A chop saw works really well if you use a jig that is measured out to 16" so you dont have to measure each one. You just need to push it against the jig set to 16"  

Step 2: Cutting the Rope

The easiest way to do this is to string the rope without cutting it yet through all your rungs. Then pull all the rungs out to your desired lengh, ( same as the lenght of the rung) and mark the rope. I gave myself alittle more than a foot of extra, for room with all the knots. alittle extra never hurt anyone anyway.

Once you have done that, then pull the rope back out and put your mark in the middle of your rope so that your two lenghts are the same. If that confused anyone please comment and I'll explain further. But if you understood that mark on the long end of the rope where the short end that has been measured.

Cut the long peice, so you have two equal sides.

To prevent fraied rope if you used nylon rope use a lighter to melt the rope. Now you don't want set the entire rope to flame, you just want to melt the nylon.  

Step 3: Tie It Together

Take that middle mark you made and string it though your first rung.

Tie a knot at both ends of your PVC to keep it from moving.

The easiest way to keep the same measurement is to use another rung as a measureing device.

Tie a knot at the end of your rung you are using as a measurement and string the opposite rope through all the way to the knot.

Do the same on the other rope. Now pushing the second rope through may be hard if you are using small PVC and a thick rope.

Repeat this over and over. It gets very repetitive (sorry if I spelled that wrong)

Step 4: Finishing

When you dont have enough rope to make one more tie both ends off and give yourself about two inches and cut it.

Melt the rope like I told you before.

Your done.

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