Agnolini Soup

Introduction: Agnolini Soup

This delicious soup can be extremely easy to make, and the result is DELICIOUS!

and if you want to add bread or toast it will be even tastier.


500 g agnolini (or capeletti) (you can do it or buy it ) I'll teach how to do

For the dough:

1 cup of cream cheese flour
2 eggs; 1 pinch of salt.

For the broth:

1 medium onion, chopped 2 cloves of crushed garlic 1 chicken breast cut into cubes 2 chicken bouillon cubes 5 potatoes cut into cubes 2 grated carrots Broccoli to taste Cauliflower to taste Salt to taste 3 liters of water Parsley and chives to taste

Step 1: For the Dough:

Mix all the dough ingredients until it forms a smooth dough. If necessary add more flour. I like to beat the eggs beforehand and add them little by little, so if the dough gets dry I can add, for example, 1/2 an egg.

Sprinkle a surface with flour, open the dough with a rolling pin and trim the edges forming a square. With the dough scraps, you can make another batch by repeating the process. Cut squares of about 5 X 5cm (more or less).

Put a little bit of filling and close it forming a triangle. I like to wet my fingers and pass on the edges before to close better. Join the ends of the triangle and fold back the tip that was up.


there it is all well illustrated

The image is not mine. Because I buy capelleti, but I got these pictures from Google, on a Brazilian website,
They have the best food in the world (in my opinion, sure)

This website:

Step 2: The Broth

Cut the chicken breasts into medium-sized pieces and cook them in a pot with fresh water and salt

Add all the vegetables to a pot of hot water (whit the chicken), add taste and food coloring, it tastes great and looks great too.

Finally add the capelet and let it cook well
TIP: cook until all the cappelletti float, that is the sign that they are ready.

Step 3: Result

Enjoy this delicious soup, especially in the winter season.
I hope you like it, any questions or suggestions please send them in the comments.

By the way, the pictures of the broth and the result are mine!

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