Introduction: Agricultural Dome

Protect your plants from harsh weather and dirt in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Materials

  • 5 wood blocks of desired lengths (1 a little longer than the other 4)
  • Plastic water/dust resistant wrap
  • glue
  • cutting utensil
  • nails (optional)

Step 2: Cut an Angle Into the Edge of 4 Blocks

At one end of the 4 blocks of the same length, cut out a triangle to leave it at an angle.

Step 3: (optional) Drill a Hole Into the 4 Blocks

At the top where the angle was made, drill a hole through it straight down.

Step 4: Assemble the Base

Place the longest block in the center and an angled rectangle at each side. Combine parts with glue (or nails if step 2 was done).

Step 5: Add the Plastic Water/dirt Resistant Wrap

After measuring the size of your square pyramid dome, get desired lengths of the wrap and place it over the dome legs. The end result should be similar as depicted in the image.