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Introduction: Togruta Headpiece

How to make an Togruta headpiece costume from the Clone Wars movie. This tutorial mainly looks at how I made the headdress but I also go over how I put together the beads and a few other parts of the outfit. Happy costuming!

Step 1: Creating the Headpiece

This is the most elaborate piece of the costume by far.

1) I began by ordering a skull cap. I wanted a good base for the headpiece. If you google "skull cap", you should figure out what I mean. It's a plastic cap like thing. I then put the cap on and with a pencil, sketched where I thought I would need to cut it. The skull cap initially covered my entire forehead. I cut out the big arches. I wouldn't recommend cutting off any from the back. The actually needed to be longer.

HINT: Constantly keep retrying on your headpiece throughout the ENTIRE process. You will end with a lopsided/uncomfortable/too small/too big headpiece if you don't.

2) Once I cut the skull cap, I started putting Model Magic on the piece. I used Model Magic because it is very lightweight and relatively inexpensive. You will need one big 2 lb box. (It comes with four 8 oz pouches). I used blue painters tape and taped three old cardboard toilet paper rolls where all the montrals/tentacles would go.

HINT: If I did this project over again, I would probably put a wire frame on the skull cap FIRST before using Model Magic. Mine didn't come out very well proportioned and you will save money on buying Model Magic.

HINT: If I did this over again, I would make the tentacle in the back very short or at least make it stick out more. I kept having to rebreak it and redo it because it went straight down into my neck and was very uncomfortable!

3) By this point, you've completely sculpted the entire thing out of Model Magic and have something resembling the final product. If it was at all similar to mine, it it very lumpy and has cracks all over it. This part stinks. Start sanding the headpiece all over. Try to get it as smooth as possible!!

HINT: When sanding the Model Magic, cover the area in newspaper. Little white flakes get EVERYWHERE

4) After this stage, I was still dissatisfied and I used acrylic caulk on my headpiece to try and make it smoother and more durable. I really am not sure if this helped or not. I think it made it heavier and stronger but it didn't really help make it much smoother. The caulk filled in a lot of cracks but the paint probably would have done that as well. I might skip this step if I were you. It depends.

5) After caulking the headpiece, I began painting. I used a shiny paint because the reference picture I used seemed to be shiny. I'm not sure if this was a good idea because all of the imperfections seem to be highlighted. It does look pretty though. I recommend using at least 3 or 4 coats of paint. I painted the entire thing pearl white first. Then I went back and did the silver and blue. By then, I didn't feel the need to use as many coats.

6) Somewhere throughout this process, you should have made the beaded part. Make sure you make this towards the end so that you make the correct size. As you can see in one of the pics, I bought tiny little screws with a circle part at the end. I screwed this screw under the middle diamond so that it would look like the beads were just a part of the headdress. I didn't trust that the screw would stay in there so I covered it with some super glue.

7) Hm, after you finish painting and screw in the beads, you should be done! Congrats! You are finished with the toughest part of the project!

Step 2: Food Capsules

1) These were extremely easy to make. Basically find a pen with a top that looks similar to this. Some people will specify a certain pen I couldn't find that one and I think this one looks pretty darn close. I just went to an office supply store and picked these.

2) Separate the pen caps from the pen and find a button that seems to fit perfectly in to the bottom. It shouldn't go IN the pen cap, it should sit nicely on top. Take a hot glue gun and fill the inside of the pen cap with the glue. You don't need to literally FILL it. Just try to get it all around the edges. Put the button on the pen cap and flip the cap over. The glue should run down and go over the button, creating a nice seal.

3) Paint the 'food capsule' with paint! You will probably need a number of paint coats. :)

Step 3: Boots and Gauntlets

For the boots, I purchased boots that I found at a discount store for $15. They were pretty much the correct size but I decided I needed to make spats.


Ahsoka also has these weird buckles on her boots and gauntlets. I couldn't find anything anywhere that looked remotely like them so I decided to sculpt them out of sculpey clay. I used the gold colored sculpey clay for this part. I rolled the clay into a log and cut it into even parts. I then shaped each part into a square like shape. After all of them were shaped, I used a plastic knife to draw a square on each of them as an extra detail. I then baked the sculpey. I accidentally burned them a little so they came out with a cool tarnished metal look but don't do that! Burnt sculpey is very toxic! You have been warned! I decided to not glaze them because I figured they were pretty small and strong. You could however paint them with a glaze at this point.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    each akul-tooth headdresses unique cause it's made by the hunter who took down the akul Ashoka is one of the youngest to ever do it

    SO what that means is unless your cosplaying Ashoka or Shaak Ti don't get to hung up on making it accurate

    in case you are wondering the triangle shaped bits that go around the forehead are the Akul's actual teeth (looked it up)


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Very well done and creative. Thanks for sharing.